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Maintenance and service

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As a business you invest considerable amounts in your machinery. It goes without saying that you can count on us for support to ensure that your machinery works optimally. Entering into a service contract will allow us to guarantee you the best service 24/7. The contract can incorporate the full spectrum of your service wishes. In this regard, we can (if you so choose) provide service on a cost-plus basis.

Mechanical, hydraulic and rotating services
Your machinery has to perform perfectly under all circumstances: quality and quantity must be guaranteed. You need to be able to have blind faith in the operational reliability of your systems and equipment. HAAN Industrial Projects' Mechanical & Hydraulic Services department can assist and advise in this regard.

Our adept specialists are at your disposal for installation work, commissioning of equipment and the widest array of maintenance and revision activities. A first-rate guarantee that your machinery will continue to function optimally. The combination of knowledge, hands-on experience and cooperation will ensure not only that problems are solved but also that futureproof solutions are considered. Our mechanical, hydraulic or rotating services:

  • Maintenance of mechanical, hydraulic or rotating systems, from inspection to complete maintenance management;
  • Analysing and remedying faults;
  • New-build and modification of mechanical, hydraulic or rotating systems;
  • Commissioning of mechanical, hydraulic or rotating equipment/systems;
  • Revision or assembly of mechanical, hydraulic or rotating components;
  • Testing systems, pumps and batteries on-site;
  • NEN 3140 inspections;
  • Revision and upgrade.

Based on a checklist tailored to your system, we will run through all inspection points, recording our findings and recommendations.
Our Engineering department will get in touch with you for the purposes of modifying and optimizing your equipment.

We will also be proactive when it comes to service and maintenance. We recognize that your top priority is your production process. And that you would like to be able to rely on an expert partner for service and maintenance.

Our knowledge, hands-on experience and way of cooperating enables us not only to resolve problems in the short term but also to look at futureproof solutions to prevent unnecessary downtime in terms of components, equipment, machinery and systems. After all, downtime is costly, and is preventable if the right specialists are deployed on time.

At HAAN Industrial Projects we have all the resources we need to carry out all forms of production, repair, revision and maintenance entirely independently. In addition to these resources, our staff will be a major factor contributing to your success. Their many years of experience in hydraulic and mechanical technology mean they are capable of performing all work efficiently. What's more, education and practical training ensure they are abreast of the latest developments within their field.

Technical support

HAAN Industrial People supplies the best technical specialists. They constitute an extension to your organization, seeing to it that your production volume and maintenance of machinery are guaranteed to be cost-effective!

Professionals currently available

Project Portfolio

Within the compass of the HAAN Industrial Group, HAAN Industrial Projects is the technical specialist when it comes to the engineering, construction, assembly, commissioning and maintenance of projects pertaining to steel structures, piping and material handling systems..

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The HAAN Industrial Group is the technical services provider when it comes to maintenance of machinery and other forms of process optimization, mechanical engineering and technical support for leading clients in industry. Our people are the driving force behind our success.

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