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Quality and safety

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Since the inception of the HAAN Industrial Group in 1991, quality control and quality assurance have been top priorities for us.

With us you are assured of high-quality service fine-tuned to the wishes and requirements you have in terms of our projects, products and staff.

SCC-P (VCA-P) (petrochemicals)

All companies within the HAAN Industrial Group are SCC-P (petrochemicals) certified. As a minimum, all our staff hold SCC (VCA) or SCC SOM (VCA VOL). We have our own safety expert (intermediate-level safety studies) who takes care of drawing up safety plans and inventorying risks.

NEN 4400-1

The HAAN Industrial Group is NEN 4400-1-certified. What this means for you is that you will never end up with irksome levies from the tax authorities or fines for employing people who are not legally entitled to work in the Netherlands, whose identity has not been established or who have assumed a false identity. 

NEN 4400-1 is a national standard that sets requirements of agencies and (sub)contractors established in the Netherlands with regard to deducting tax and social security contributions and entitlement to carry out work in the Netherlands. The objective of the standard is to limit the risk for you, the client, of fines and recovery on the part of the tax authorities and other government bodies.


All companies within the HAAN Industrial Group are certified by TUV Nederland in line with the NEN 1090-1 standard. A NEN 1090-certified company is subject to strict supervision by an accredited, independent inspection service. This entails regular audits to check whether all requirements are being satisfied.

Within the EU, steel structures have been required to be brought to market under the harmonized NEN 1090-1 standard with a CE marking as of July 2014.

As a harmonized European Product Standard, NEN-EN 1090-1 already came into effect on 1 January 2011 with a transition period of 18 months. Steel structures have been required to be supplied with a CE certificate since July 2014. This legislation obliges construction firms to act in accordance with the NEN-EN 1090-1 standard. The standard is geared towards getting construction firms into a position where they are capable of issuing a declaration of performance in the form of a CE marking. In order to be able to issue a declaration of performance, construction firms need to classify processes such as purchasing, design and production in line with the NEN-EN 1090-1 standard and get them certified by a Notified Body (NoBo).

ISO 3834

All companies within the HAAN Industrial Group hold ISO 3834 certification. The ISO 3834 standard ensures that a welding company is operating at a manifestly higher level. Following the right steps prior to, during and subsequent to the production process results in a product of the right degree of quality. An ISO 3834-certified company works in line with set quality procedures.
All steps are performed in accordance with these quality procedures, from order intake to delivery.
Consider in this regard:

  • The use of qualified staff for welding supervision;
  • Working with certified welders (LK);
  • Welding in line with certified welding specifications (pWPS);
  • Welding in line with qualified welding methods (LMK);
  • Use of qualified NDT staff;
  • Satisfying all requirements in terms of identification and traceability;
  • Supplying products in accordance with all statutory requirements and product specifications.

An ISO 3834-certified company is subject to strict supervision by an accredited, independent, third-party inspection service. This entails regular audits to check whether all requirements are being satisfied.

Compliance with the standard
In order to be able to ascertain whether a company is satisfying the requirements set by the standard (compliance), that company will be audited by an accredited, independent inspection service. This entails regular audits to check whether all requirements are being satisfied.

Membership of Metaalunie

With in excess of 13,000 members, the Koninklijke Metaalunie is the largest professional body for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in metal. The Metaalunie focuses on companies in metal and technology, from sole traders to companies with over 100 employees. The Koninklijke Metaalunie guarantees wide-ranging expertise and knowledge of the industry and offers a concrete, results-oriented approach.

Recognized practical training company

Professional skill is the key to success, and with the right people in-house we are paving the way to a healthy future. Sometimes it is difficult to find the right professionals, and in such cases a good alternative is to train them ourselves. HAAN Industrial Group is a recognized practical training company with experienced mentors in-house.

Technical support

HAAN Industrial People supplies the best technical specialists. They constitute an extension to your organization, seeing to it that your production volume and maintenance of machinery are guaranteed to be cost-effective!

Professionals currently available

Project Portfolio

Within the compass of the HAAN Industrial Group, HAAN Industrial Projects is the technical specialist when it comes to the engineering, construction, assembly, commissioning and maintenance of projects pertaining to steel structures, piping and material handling systems..

Projects completed

Lend your job more substance

The HAAN Industrial Group is the technical services provider when it comes to maintenance of machinery and other forms of process optimization, mechanical engineering and technical support for leading clients in industry. Our people are the driving force behind our success.

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